Conference Theme

Changing perspectives and approaches in contemporary teaching


The 42nd Annual ATEE Conference focuses on rapid changes and increasing complexity of today’s world bringing about new challenges and growing demands on education system committed to addressing all forms of disparities and inequalities in access, participation and learning outcomes, exclusion and marginalization. The central focus of this conference is the relevance of these changing perspectives and approaches in research and practice in teacher education and teaching.



Migrations, equality and inclusion

Nowadays in times of global changes many countries face the problem of migration – on the one hand, migrants arriving in a country, and on the other, brain drain. How should educators and institutions deal with migration taking into consideration diversity and promoting equality and inclusion at the same time?


Building  networks in education

Networking in education includes not only the use of networking technologies for teaching and learning purposes but also the interconnection and joint communication of different institutions and communities aimed at improving various aspects of education. How can teachers embrace networking and build it to improve education?


Enhancing the quality of teacher education

The quality of teacher education may be enhanced in different ways (e.g. through stimulating teaching or learning environment, by using new technologies, accessing adequate resources, having suitable facilities, having the opportunity and institutional support for professional development or for conducting research, etc.). How can the quality of teacher education be improved and maintained? Which aspects of this process should be emphasized?


Sustainable changes in education

The process of changes in education takes place in complex social circumstances where external forces such as parents, local community, technology, corporations and state politics play an important role. Still, external forces should not be expected to offer solutions for reaching the quality of educational practice since that is primarily teachers' concern. It is only possible to introduce sustainable changes in education when teachers become change agents. Therefore, we are interested in your experiences regarding initiation, implementation and continuing significant and sustainable changes in education.


Gifted educators and Gifted Education

Highly able, committed and creative may choose, pursue, master and further develop basic and higher education as their giftedness performance area. Contemporary work of gifted educators is of importance to development of field of Gifted Education (GE) as well. How do we identify, support, educate and honour current and future gifted educators and their gifted students throughout their interactive developmental path? Does pre-service and in-service education offer relevant opportunities for development of gifted educators for their and lasting benefit of gifted students, and how can it be improved?